Sunrise Photograph – Texas Style

Sunrise Photograph Teasleville Texas

I’ve always been a morning person, even as a little kid. I was always up early on Saturday mornings, so I didn’t miss any of the Looney Tunes cartoons. Heaven forbid that Foghorn Leghorn was on, and I didn’t get to see it. Not much has changed since those times, except the cartoons don’t seem nearly as good. I hadn’t been out much lately; still up early, just working on different projects.

But I reserved Sunday morning to get out and drive for a bit. Looking for that sunrise photograph, I had been missing. It’s peaceful in the mornings, with a cup of Whataburger coffee and good music on my Spotify list. I had found several photographs nearby, but this was the one I chose to edit first for my sunrise photograph. It shows Texas in the morning light, trees, beautiful sky, and cattle pens, only missing the oil well. I didn’t even make it black and white this time, something very rare for me.


Sunrise Photograph – Texas Style


I live in East Texas and work in education. I enjoy being outdoors or driving around looking for my next photograph. Please contact me at

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  1. A beautiful sunrise. 😊

      1. My pleasure. 😊

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