Chappel Church

Chappel Church

Chappel Church and Cemetary

In the Texas hill country, far from any town of any size lies a small church with a cemetery; Chappel Church and cemetery dates back to the 1850s and is one of the county’s oldest settlements. It had a small church and general store that served the area in the mid-1800s. Walk through the cemetery, and I can find graves and markers going back a long time. I also come across the grave of an old friend; maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the place. Every time I go to San Saba county to visit friends, I always go there. It’s beautiful in a rough Texas way. The day I took this photo of Chappel Church, a spring storm had just passed. Showing the resilience of the people and places of San Saba County again. It is listed on The Texas Historical Markers.

The marker reads – Chappel, established in the 1850s, is one of San Saba County’s earliest settlements. The land for this cemetery is part of 16-1/2 acres donated by Joab B. Harrell (1814-1893) that he formally deeded in 1886 to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Harrell, the county’s first Chief Justice, had buried his own son at this site some fifteen years earlier. The M.E. Church, a school and store served as the center of this community. This burial ground chronicles the lives of pioneers and families that are Chappel’s heritage. The Chappel Cemetery Association was established in 1976 to ensure the site’s preservation and perpetual care. Historic Texas Cemetery – 2001

Texas Atlas of Historical Markers

Another photograph I took on this trip was of this old farmhouse. Please like and share; till next time, BD


Chappel Church


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